We had been considering a senior community for over a year, but had not started to look until Spring, 2018. We no longer wanted the responsibilities of owning a home, cooking, cleaning, plus we were living in a 2-story home and thought the stairs might present a problem as we grew older. We wanted to make such a move before we were forced to and to become settled in a community which we could enjoy.

My husband and I highly recommend Virginia. Virginia’s service was so personable. When we called her, she arranged an appointment at our convenience in our home. She asked us questions about what we thought we might like. She shared her knowledge about the different options in senior living. She actually learned much about us in a very relaxed, un-intrusive way!

She followed up that visit with a thorough email, listing 4-5 facilities that she thought we might want to consider. Virginia made appointments with the marketing staff of each place and came to each appointment with us. She asked questions we might not think to ask and clarified with the staff items she knew were important for us to know.

Her final gift to us was remarkable. We asked her if she would meet with our financial planner with whom we were also planning to be sure our assets would cover what we hoped might be our last move. She actively participated in the communication with our financial planner.

We chose the place we most liked of those we had visited with Virginia and where our financial situation would work best. She still checks with us from time to time to be sure we are still satisfied.

Mike & Penny M.

I can’t say enough good things about Virginia. She is smart and expert; present and thoughtful; and just plain a lovely person. She connects with you – and is clearly connected and well respected by the retirement/aging community, smoothing the way. As importantly, she is available as long as it takes to get you to the right place for you – even if you decide you want something other than what you thought in the first place. I am so grateful for her and the service she provides.


When I was thinking of moving, someone told me about Virginia Renker. She was an enormous help and source of important information. After hearing what I was looking for, we only looked at two places and I moved into the second which is just right, at Atria La Jolla. Still grateful!

Evelyn K.

During a very stressful and emotional time, we needed support and help to find the proper care for our mother. Virginia was able to place us in the perfect environment for her. It felt like she was in a home, complete with a cat, several dogs and homemade meals. We are forever grateful for her support, kindness and understanding of our mothers needs at that time in her life. We cannot thank her enough and have continued to recommend her to others since then.

Neil & Catherine B.

Virginia Renker was recommended to me by a healthcare professional. This was heaven sent! I needed to find a place for a family member & only had a few days to do it. After we spoke on the phone to discuss preferences, Virginia found a few perfect places. We settled on one and within days moved in. We are extremely pleased with our choice. My family member loves Virginia as much as I do!!

Barb F.

My personal and professional experience with Virginia was exceptional. She provided guidance throughout this difficult journey using her knowledge of assisted living communities and personnel to find the right placement and services to meet our needs. Her thoughtful and kindhearted approach in finding the best possible fit and environment showed a genuine understanding and compassion for the interests of those she assists. As a caring person, Virginia helped us through the transition from primary home to “second” home and making it memorable. It is rare to find a person who makes a positive lasting impression in such a short period of time but Virginia is such a person will be remembered as one who has come into our lives “for a season, reason, or a lifetime”.

Kadee G.

Virginia was there for me when I needed to find a place for Mom immediately. She listened to what I wanted for her, a garden, a private room, and a homey atmosphere. Her calm reassurance alleviated my anxiety; I really felt she was there for Mom and me. Within 24 hours she found 2 places that fit my criteria, and had set up meetings. Virginia visited Mom on the day she moved in, bringing flowers and a kind word! From the day Mom moved in, to the time that she passed, Virginia would drop in to check on her. Without Virginia and her vast knowledge of the area’s senior living facilities, I wouldn’t have known where to start. Without her empathy and support I would have been overwhelmed with difficult and emotional decisions. I want to thank her and recommend her to all those having to make difficult decisions about finding the right place for their loved ones.

Carole Y.

“Virginia really listened and understood what type of place I was trying to find for my husband.  She met Bill and was able to place him quickly and easily in the most well suited place for him.  Best room, good activities, good food and most important excellent care and kind staff. Bill has been happy there ever since.  Virginia has a great talent for finding the best situation for your loved one.  She was most kind and very helpful and efficient throughout the entire process.  I highly recommend her services which cost nothing at all!”

Christa V.

“Virginia–Your knowledge of various residential communities and your work in narrowing down the number of communities we visited for mom & dad was most useful, since Dad is so frail.  Thank you so much for your help!”

Sylvia O.

“We are grateful for the recommendation of Virginia’s services which we received from another senior-care administrator. After doing some behind the scenes work on her own, Virginia helped us quickly sort through a few assisted-living options for Mom; visit the sites and meet their administrators together with us.  She makes a practice of occasionally visiting the seniors whom she has placed, just to see how they are getting along and to assess the facility’s follow through.  A couple of those friendly visits meant a lot to my lonely mother, so much so that she periodically mentions “that ROSE lady.” Despite much patience and accommodation on the part of the facility which we selected for Mom, she was eventually evicted due to her life-long behavior problems. While our family was reeling from the shock, Virginia was out searching for a new housing option.  She knew I was too drained to go through a long search, so she wisely selected the one best option for me to do a meet and greet with a facility.  We had a couple bumpy months after moving Mom in, for the same reasons as before, but Virginia was available by phone and texting, to encourage me along.  I’m happy to report that with a lot of creativity and the right pharmaceuticals, Mom is finally at ease.  Whew!  Virginia is one of many invaluable people we have been blessed to meet along the way of this elder-care journey.  I am most grateful for her professional, kind service and I wholeheartedly recommend her.”

Linda K.

“I first came in contact with Virginia and ROSE two years ago when I was researching assisted living facilities for my 95 year old mother whom I was relocating to the San Diego area to be closer to me.  Prior to connecting with Virginia, I had been doing my own research on homes in my area and had personally investigated and visited more than a dozen potential facilities. I found the process overwhelming to say the least.  Although I had also been in contact with other larger placement agencies, Virginia stood out from the rest in her professionalism, accessibility and personal level of service.  She listened to my concerns and needs and related on a personal level.  She personally pre-toured each facility and accompanied us as we toured them as well.  It was this extra care that gave me the support and confidence to place my mom in a special home.  Virginia does her research and, as she did for us, can offer options that we may not have found on our own.  Her communication skills and follow up are exceptional.  This process can be overwhelming to any family member placing their loved one in assisted living but it is people like Virginia who can help.  I highly recommend Virginia and ROSE.”

Rose S.

“Thank you so much for all you’ve done in making this new “life” and home come true. I never could have done it without you and your never-ending encouragement, love, and beautiful character.”

Alecia P.

Residential Options for Seniors and the Elderly San Diego - Virginia Renker, CSA

My brother & I reached out to Virginia Renker to find a retirement/assisted living facility for our parents who were relocating from the east coast to San Diego. We googled facilities but we were overwhelmed, from what questions to ask to down selecting a retirement community that best suited our parents.

Virginia did an outstanding job, from the consultation to arranging tours of the facilities, she guided us on a path forward with making the right choice of retirement home for our parents. Virginia is a professional & her knowledge is impressive to say the least. Her warm nature put us at ease. Once our parents settled in their apartment, Virginia met them & provided additional information for anything else they needed. Virginia exceeded our expectations & it was a pleasure to work with her.

Charlotte R.

Virginia saved me! Both my parents needed memory care placement. Mom has Alzheimer’s, but dad had frontotemporal lobe dementia and was not easy to deal with at all. And I had given them a promise, that after 65 years of marriage I would do all I could to keep them together.

At one point, things got so tangled and that I truly thought I was having a nervous breakdown. Virginia called and said, “This will be OK. We will work this out. I will make some calls and get your parents to a good place.”

She did. Dad was well cared for, and mom is still being cared for by really kind staff. And the stress that came off of me from this wonderful placement was tremendous!

I cannot thank or recommend Virginia enough! She is truly caring and works hard to find the right place for our elders. I recommend her to all my friends and to anyone needing these services!!!!

Andy C.

There are many of us I’m sure who would not have made it through that awful time when we had to make those decisions without you. You, more than anyone else made me realize I not only couldn’t care for Joe anymore, but shouldn’t feel any guilt for getting help with his care. Even with his “kids” fighting me, I’ve never regretted “sticking” him in ActivCare at Bressi Ranch, and thank God every day for people like you and all his wonderful caregivers. Thank you, Virginia for all you did–it’ll always mean a lot to me.

Elaine M.

When absolutely at my wits end caring for my husband who had Alzheimer’s disease, I was referred to Virginia through an acquaintance of my son’s. We spoke and she met Jerry. She immediately knew what I was looking for and what type of assistance Jerry would need. After a couple of disastrous meetings (not her fault), I called her to say I had to do something NOW. She immediately made arrangements for an interview with an owner of a facility and the manager and he was accepted in the perfect place for him and me. Don’t know what I would have done without Virginia!!! She is a life saver!!!

Fran W.

Virginia was such a pleasure to work with. She listened carefully to what I was seeking. When we visited senior living communities, it was clear that she was well acquainted with them, and she would ask questions that I would not have thought to ask. I knew she would not recommend a place that she had not properly vetted. And the best part of the process is that we developed a wonderful friendship.

Lenona C.

I was referred to Virginia of ROSE by a good friend. I wasn’t sure where to start when my Mother’s needs began to change. I contacted a couple of agencies but didn’t feel comfortable with their levels of expertise. I decided to contact Virginia for help in finding the perfect assisted living community for Mom. I found Virginia to be an “angel” of a person; warm, patient, compassionate and empathetic. She had a genuine compassion for the needs of not only my Mother, but also for me; plus, she was an astute listener, never pushy nor in a hurry.

Virginia understood Mom’s needs to include: her personality, budget, location and amenities. Virginia personally met us and arranged tours to at least 6 different assisted living communities. Mother liked a couple of the communities and decided on “The Gateway Gardens” in Poway, only 8 miles from my home. This place fit the bill for all of our needs.

Thank you so much, Virginia! Mom is 93 now and enjoys her spacious studio of almost 2 years!”

Rose & Vicky M.

“Virginia was a great find for me when trying to relocate my step mom. She was extremely organized, efficient and prompt.  She went with me patiently to each and every home that we thought would be fitting for my step mom. She spent so much of her time in helping me find the perfect independent living.  She very efficiently asked questions and took notes on each home we toured. She was there for me personally in helping all the stress, decision making, and meeting with my step mom in easing her anxiety. She made every step of this process go very smoothly. She is amazing.  I would recommend her to anyone that is having to be in this situation.”

Patty S.

“When I told her about my concerns for my aging mother, she immediately offered to come and speak with me and my husband about options. Her presentation was complete and extremely informative.   At that time, my mother was living alone with assistance from senior helpers and myself.  I could see that in the future I would need to find a place where she could be cared for on a full-time basis.  Virginia educated me on what options would be available (which was difficult since my mother had a dog!), gave me suggestions of places to visit, and set up appointments for me to see what might work for both my mother and our family.

I found an eldercare home which seemed perfect, but the time was not yet right to place my mother.  Over the next several months, my mother’s condition deteriorated, and I became more and more concerned.  Virginia kept in constant contact with me to make sure I knew she was always there to help.  She let me know when an availability was open so I could make a decision.

It was very hard for me to accept that it was time to place my mother in a home, but Virginia was always there to support me and my mother.  When I was at the home filling in paperwork, she was there.  When I was crying, she was there.  When my mother first moved in, she was there.  She visited my mother several times and was always checking in with me to see if everything was going well.  Virginia had found the perfect home for my mother.  My mother, and her dog, were very happy there and our family knew that she was safe and cared for.

My mother recently passed, and again Virginia was there for me.  I cannot thank her enough for her kindness, professionalism, and empathy.  When decisions are tough, and emotions are high, Virginia is there to support and encourage.  I cannot express how much I appreciate all she did for our family, and give her the highest recommendation I can.”

Annette W.

“I was so stressed after having Mom live with me and declining like she was.. But knew I had to have the perfect fit for Mom or I would not be able to place her in a home. Virginia knew exactly the perfect fit for Mom. Took me to a wonderful home that has beautiful gardens.. right up Mom’s alley as she loves  to work in the yard.. The caregivers are the very best! Mom is treated so very special there and loves it.”

Christie A.

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